• A swift and dangerous HQ choice available to the Drukhari
  • One of the deadliest warriors in Warhammer 40,000
  • A skilled duellist and melee expert

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Lelith Hesperax’s athleticism is far beyond those of other Wyches. She has raised death to a high art, wielding nothing more than simple knives. Gifting her victims with precise wounds in a blur of blade and flesh, she finishes in a bloody finale with a gory flourish.

There are few fighters in the game with the ability to slaughter enemies wholesale and duel enemy Characters with equally effortless ease, but Lelith Hesperax is no mere fighter! If you’re looking for someone not so much to lead your force as to blend their way through the enemy army in a whirlwind of blades, be sure to add this gladiatrix supreme to your collection.

This kit builds 1x Lelith Hesperax. It comes in 10 plastic components and includes a Citadel 32mm Round Base.

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