How it began…

Started by David and Ida in 2019, bringing together their shared love for tabletop games and specialist comics inside the fantasy and sci-fi universe. Goldberry was born, with a goal of creating a local community of like-minded gaming enthusiasts and developing a cosy environment for enjoying the hobby together and meeting new people.

Located in Ae Braet, a boardgame café located in Sonderborg catering to boardgame enthusiasts and wargamers alike, we believe we’ve begun to create something special. We’ve already got regular meet-ups in partnerhip with the café for casual and competitive play across a range of franchises such as Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar and Magic the Gathering.

2023 marks a new age for Goldberry where Stuart (another Englishman) joins the partnership to help drive the business and launch the online store. We’ll be offering a huge range of products across the Games Workshop universe and into new franchises such as Conquest. Our focus will be on supporting our customers and sharing in the passion for the hobby providing exceptional customer service and advice.

We envisage great opportunities for the future, where we will continue to onboard new suppliers and exciting products, create a thriving local community for hobbyists and host some fantastic events.

So, drop in soon to say hello and find out more about Goldberry Games.