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WARHAMMER 40K, 10th Edition – Explored

The launch of the highly anticipate 10th edition marks a milestone in the 40k legacy and delivers some pretty major updates and changes that look set to make it even simpler and more accessible to wage war on your friends in the 41st millennium. We’re excited about the new version and plans are already being made at Goldberry for our first 10th edition battle! 

There will be a substantial overhaul of the codex books that will still include short stories and lore from older books keeping them relevant and immersive. 

We’ve already seen the start of model releases for the 10th edition with new Space marine and Tyranid units. The Tyranids have already received new ghastly constructs such as the Barbgaunts and the Norn Emissary and Eliminator, including a reincarnation of the iconic Screamer Killer. This is set to continue across the galactic forces and we’re excited to see what comes next for some of the other factions. 

A first for Games Workshop and something positive to reduce barriers to game entry. You can now download the full rules and index cards for FREE! This makes it really easy to start playing and the digital format means as these are updated you’ll always have the latest version to play with.

You can download them all here

On the back of the immense Leviathan box set a number of smaller starter sets will also be released to make getting into the game even easier. The offer a great way to start and exceptional value for money for new and old players alike. In 3 variants with different price ranges there is an entry point for everyone. Introductory, Starter and Ultimate.

Data cards will also undergo and overhaul and introduce the concept of Objective Control for each model. Essentially, defining how well it can hold the objective ultimately increasing the control of territory and locations. This will add a further strategic element to how models and deployed and moved. 

A revitalised gameplay style arrives in 10th edition defining unique missions around a central narrative for each army. A really easy way for people to get into the game providing a more skirmish style format. Players can purchase a single combat patrol set making it cheaper and simpler to get started. The Leviathan set itself essentially plays like a combat patrol with 6 dedicated missions.  

You can purchase the combat patrol sets here

A mainstay of the 9th edition has since been removed. There will no longer be a psychic phase in the 10th edition. Instead these abilities can be used in the other phases categorised by their applicability. For example anything relating to psychic movement will naturally be activated in the movement phase. This should bring about a further simplification and ultimately makes sense in an attempt to streamline the gameplay.